Terms & Conditions

At SOLDSWITCH we are here to help you purchase and bring any products from online marketplace. We are  a direct seller. We are bound to follow all of the terms of service and policy rules of amazon. We recommend you to take a look at the terms of service before taking services from soldswitch.


Order Process:

  1. We place the order manually.  Usually, we take 24 to 48 hours to place your orders. In case of any critical issue, the period can be more than mentioned.
  2. During the whole process, you will receive updates from us. If you order a single product, then the “Product Status” update is enough for you. Otherwise, if you order multiple products, you will also get the “Order Status” update. 

Order Status:

If you order multiple products, then you will get a “product status update” individually for each of your ordered products. And together you will get “order status update” like-


  1. We will provide the tracking number manually. It would take 2/3 days from your purchase request. Tracking numbers become available after the shipment of the product by the seller. Sometimes it could be late because of vacation, shipment delay or big offers. 
  2. 4.In some cases, the tracking number will not be available because of changing the name or product details by the seller. Then you will get an update after receiving the product.    

6. Product Delivery:

  1. Products delivery charge is free. 
  2. Products Return is free.