About Us

What is SoldSwitch?

In modern life, we need a variety of products. It’s not possible to get all of them in the local market. That’s why people around the world love to purchase products from soldseitch.com. It’s a popular, giant and cheap market over the internet world. We know that the process of ordering and getting products from soldseitch.com is not an easy way at all. At that point, we at Soldswitch made that whole process so easy and simple for everyone. We are doing most of the parts of the order and keeping less for you. 


Why soldswitch is different than the others?

Take a look at the community where we are growing up. Is the picture available like using or purchasing any products from the international marketplace? The answer is NOPE. Now the question is why? Now it comes with a lot of issues. The biggest one is the payment method. Most of us usually don’t have any payment method that could help us to pay internationally.

You are not alone. A complete team with technical persons is dedicated to you. They are working 24 hours to make sure your orders, payments, customer support, delivery, and refunds. So, at soldseitch.com we are doing the whole process as a team to ensure yours relax mode. Soldswitch cares about your orders.

We are unique at giving you some special facilities that no one proving worldwide country. Usually, other services ask you for sharing links and then you are blind. You don’t know what happens and what is going on. At that point SoldSwitch gives you order tracking and product tracking facility. We provide you maximum access. 

You are getting Facilities:

  • Choosing and ordering products yourself.
  • Checking product rates of Soldseitch.com and cost before order.
  • Checking the total cost before ordering any product.
  • Easy process of ordering products.
  • You are getting products at a minimal cost.
  • Invoice is available after order and payments products.
  • Confirmation after picking orders.
  • Checking the product receives time.
  • You can have a tracking ID to track your product current status.
  • Checking Order history
  • Fastest Delivery System.
  • Claiming 100% refund facility.
  • 24 hours of customer support.